About Dialogues

Dialogues inspires people to make positive choices that reflect their vision, values, talents, skills and goals, aligns leadership teams through awareness, interaction and co-creation and works side by side with top managers for strategic decision making.

Fifteen years ago, Monica started applying the concept of dialogue in conceptual art projects, finding that interaction and listening broaden people’s perception, change their perspective y open their minds to embrace new and different ideas, reaffirming the power of dialogue for change and learning.

While living in Peru, in 2003 Monica opened Dialogues Cultural Center, and implemented Creative Thinking for business and organizations program, followed by Dialogues for Change™ programs, small groups’ dialogue and cooperative learning that quickly expanded beyond the art and culture fields. At this point she decided to study coaching.

Based on her vision of self learning and accountability, in 2007 the Dialogues Cultural Center was transformed into Dialogues Coaching with the mission of generating higher levels of thinking and creativity.

Since then, Monica has continued seeing the power of coaching in transforming peoples’ lives and has witnessed teams’ alignment and creativity. Every day she continues to feel inspired by the value of a dialogue, powered by questions and validated by listening.