In Dialogues Coaching we work with people-focused organizations and businesses that value and trust their employee’s talents and believe in motivation, progress, growth and achievement. Our clients include senior managers and executives, leadership teams, working professionals, trainers and facilitators, and entrepreneurs.


  • EXECUTIVE  one to one
    • Partnership with the organization and the coachee
    • 360 feedback
    • Coaching
    • Job shadowing
  • TEAM
    Partnership with the organization and the team to specific leadership behaviors and goals setting and achievement.
  • LIFE
    Career, Retirement, Family / work balance


  • Strategic Planning with scenarios-based approach
    This Strategic Planning program challenges prevailing mind-sets to see the future broadly in terms of fundamental trends and uncertainties for final decisions and innovation.
  • Coaching Skills Training  –  in-house
    This program embraces the Leader-Coach concept and develops coaching skills in executives and leaders inside the organization to increase clarity, understanding, goal setting, goal achievement and individual and team accountability.
  • Innovation Teams
    This program increases team innovation skill by focusing on Systems and Design Thinking, Communication, Creativity and Accountability.
  • Train the Trainers 4D™
    This program improves knowledge transmission within the organization by focusing on Experiential Learning, Andragogy, Instructional Design and Neuro Linguistic Programming.
  • Dialogues for Change™
    These conversations for small independent groups provoke reflective learning and personal growth. Themes and extension are defined by the group.

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