Through numerous experiences with our organization, Monica has demonstrated to have a clear vision and a deep and natural knowledge of how to get to it; her coaching and leadership skills have accomplished excellent results while working with our teams.

M.A.M - Chief of Training Health Industries

Monica helped us focus on tangible things, contributed to structure and complement our creative thinking and to opened our minds to innovation.

E.P. - Planning Manager Brewing Company

A natural communicator, Monica has an extensive experience in the facilitating and coaching fields and the ability to design, innovate and improve learning and coaching processes and tools. She is constantly sought out by other coaches and consultants for technical expertise, knowledge and advice on complex coaching issues.

M.M.R. - Executive Coach

Monica is capable of adapting to new situations and transforming them into growth opportunities. Thanks to her sense of self-esteem and confidence, she has achieved results that have exceeded expectations.

P.P. - Chief of Training Consultancy Firm

Monica helped me became aware of and change some attitudes and behaviors that improved my professional development and enlightened some specific personal areas. Thanks to her coaching I have created my own organizing, planning and leadership tools that are giving me concrete results in every aspect of my life.

V.L. - Director of Market Research

Her listening skills and flexibility allowed her to recognize underlying problems and issues within our team and ask those questions we didn’t want to be asked. Monica was very skillful and redirected actions to address them while staying focused on the original objectives.

A. K. - COO Logistics Corporation

Monica shows a singular and extraordinary skill to improve people´s behavior within organizations. Her formal education as an Educator and a Coach, her extensive professional experience and her holistic systems vision, qualify her as an exceptional Coach and Facilitator.

H.G.I. - CEO of Consultancy Firm