Values And Principles

The values that inspire Monica to do what she loves and which guide her decisions are: Freedom, Creativity, Transcendence, Professionalism and Responsibility. She makes sure all her decisions, big and small, are aligned with her values.

Alignment with one’s own values is essential to inspire emotions, decisions and actions. In organizations, alignment between people’s and organizational values sets the ground for common vision, teamwork and accountability.

Through the years, as people learn and develop in their careers and in life, they develop a particular understanding of how the world functions. These are Monica’s principles:

  • Our quality of life depends in large measure on our level of perception – so, let’s develop awareness.
  • Doubt is the first step for change – so, let’s doubt our certainties.
  • The size of our ego often defines the size of our problems – so, let´s put our ego into perspective.
  • Our actions generate the systems we live in – so, let´s reflect on how we act.
  • A small change in a leverage point is much more effective than many changes in many places – so, let´s identify it.
  • Listening to feedback and feed-forward allows us to reframe and learn from our results – so, let´s listen.